Switzerland enjoys a growing confidence in cosmetic products, products whose effectiveness is no longer to demonstrate in consumer enthusiasts of these amazing products (made in Switzerland) special ladies from all over the world are queen of those creams either they are actresses, New York models, working girls from London, Arab princesses or mere consumers like me looking for (the cream).

Known for their know-how in research and development, when the Swiss create a product, the process is long, expensive but meticulous, original and recognized to be very active.

Creams whose owners have the particularity, like the owners of Swiss watch companies, of wanting to control distribution and growth by focusing mainly on innovation, one of the characteristics that is the strength of Switzerland.

Whether the products are based on rare vegetable oils, Alpine flower extracts, glacier water, they all come from this long process of research in developments.


Founded in 2016 in Geneva at the initiative, passionate about cosmetic and organic products.

The founder, trained in cosmetology sought natural care, rich in active ingredients but having no adverse side effects on the epidermis with a low environmental impact. She decides to launch her own brand; “Sodina”.

The brand controls the production and distribution of products from A to Z, all products come from organic and natural farming with the possibility for customers to recycle in the shop the containers of the products.

Sodina also creats customized products at the request of customers, develops face and hair products to moisturize, plump, soothe, tone or purify.

A rich range of natural ingredients such as rose hip, castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil or damask rose to name a few.

We find in store as on the website accessories such as reusable organic disinfecting disks or konjac sponges with green clay known to naturally clean the skin without negative effects for the skin.

All ingredients and packaging are carefully selected. The origin of the products as well as their method of cultivation represents the first selection criteria for the Sodina brand, the manufatures either glass blowsers or even printers are located in Switzerland or in the surrounding area.

We love: skin diagnosis offered to clients, non-greasy textures and eco-friendly philosophy.

Our favorites

Crème de protection UV/ Crème rose de Damas/ Sérum rose de Damas/ Shampoing aux huiles essentielles